Not many health facilities recognize the importance of integrated medicine and actually offer a holistic approach to healing and hence why we use Aquaponics at CAARe to help clients understand the connection between food and health

Rain Garden Installations:

Rain gardens are aesthetic landscape features that can collect, reduce, and treat localized flooding from storm water run-off. The semi-aquatic or wetland gardens can be easily retrofitted into the existing landscapes (with or without water cisterns) or included in the initial landscape design. This innovative water harvesting strategy are extremely useful practices that can capture and help save water resources. When used in combination with water cisterns, water from residential stormwater runoff is better managed and can help reduce potable water consumption.


Koi Pond renovations w/ Natural Biofilters 

The U. S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Dr. Sharon Elliott-Bynum, who received an award for her excellence and service in health care at the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Scientific Symposium in Atlanta (May 2015).

Dr. Bynum was honored for her vision and tireless dedication to the Durham community and recognized as a national example for her work at CAARE, Inc. and received the Chief Nurse Award from Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, the Chief Nurse of the USPHS and advisor to the U. S. Surgeon General.

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Old Swimming Pool Conversion

Into Koi Pond w/ Bog Filter - growing Aquatic Edibles!

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Services Include:

  • Aquaponic Indoor and Outdoor Designs (Horizontal systems and Vertical Wall systems)
  • Rain Gardens and Storm Water Pond Maintenance
  • Koi Pond Builds with Natural Biofilters & Pond Renovations and Maintenance 
  • Aquaponic Consultancy and Educational Workshops
  • Aquaponic Research and Development
  • Technical and Scientific Writing / Market Research




IBC tote system for Freshwater Aquaponics  - Solar powered!

Aquaponic garden Designs:       

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