Welcome to Aquaponic Food 4 Thought, a consulting company that designs and builds sustainable Aquaponic farming systems, rainwater gardens, natural waterscape installations, inspects and maintains Stormwater practices (SCMs/BMPs).  Aquaponic workshops and training, as well as research & development and technical writing services are also available. 
I am a Certified Residential Rain Garden Professional and am very interested in lending my expertise to environmentally sustainable landscape designs in the residential and commercial industry (waterscapes, Koi ponds installations/renovations, waste-water management and remediation projects etc). I am also certified in Stormwater BMP/SCM Inspection and Maintenance. Please feel free to contact me via Linkedin or at www.AquaponicFood4Thought.com for any available projects!

I also provide Aquaponic consulting services, as well as science or research support to teachers, organizations, & individuals trying to promote public awareness about healthy food choices, social justice, & environmental sustainability by using Aquaponics as a project-based learning tool. I am currently engaged in several Aquaponic builds throughout the Triad area that will increase access to healthy food in the surrounding food desert community, while educating the users in sustainable farming techniques. Some projects also serve to simply provide an aesthetic and sustainable addition to their landscape or business space (see "Services" for current projects).

I teach Aquaponic workshops in the local area through notable organizations like Healing with CAARE in Durham, The Abundance Foundation in Pittsboro, NC A&T University, & am currently working with local Elementary and Charter schools to bring Aquaponics into the classroom using customized lesson plans. My small table-top aquaponic learning systems are specifically designed for individuals and teachers that want to gain confidence in aquaponic growing before investing in larger more expensive systems.


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