When you buy one of my educational table-top aquaponic units, 10% of the sales will go towards the purchase of an equal priced unit that will be donated to a local K-12 school classroom (or non-profit educational organization). Your purchase will benefits students, their respective families and communities, by teaching them how to grow healthy and organic food using Aquaponics.   The donated aquaponic kit will include the tank, pump, timer, planting material, goldfish, and an operating manual. By their choice, I can conduct a 30 min classroom workshop using an aquaponic curriculum that will provide hands-on lessons  using aquaponics to demonstrate the biology of eco-systems, the chemistry of the nitrogen cycle, fun plant & fish facts, and the simple math behind the business side of aquaponics. And after 3-5 days, they will be able to taste all their hard work!


If you are a non-profit educational organization or public K-12 school and would like to be considered for this donation, or if you would like to donate directly toward this educational project, please contact me directly.


Thank you for helping me promote the movement toward self-reliance and healthy food production! 





Aquaponic teaching unit Donations


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(all Aquaponic systems eligible for donation are labeled on the product page)