At Healing with CAARE, our Field Trip Program is open to the general public, private, charter, public and home school groups, and after-school students. Our interactive workshop will offer an exciting opportunities for students to learn about UrbanAquaponic Farming and Traditional Soil-based Gardening, as well as explore the inter-connections between food, health, and environmental sustainability. Students will get to participate in hands-on learning activities such as planting, harvesting produce, food preparation and/or making value-add on products with what they harvest.

Field trips are offered at our teaching and research CAARe facility year-round based on staff availability and are available for scheduling for day time, evening, and weekends as needed. We will supply 1 trained guide instructor for each group of up to 20 students. Larger groups can be accommodated by utilizing a revolving tour presentation maintaining a minimum adult student ratio of 1 teacher or chaperone per every 10 students.

Please contact us for detailed program information to schedule your individual or group trip(s). The cost of the field trip is $7 per student with a minimum of $200 (or whichever is greater). Chaperones and teachers (1 teacher or chaperone per every 10 students) will be admitted at no additional cost, any additional chaperones will be subject to the $7 per person admission fee.

To lock in a field trip, a 50% deposit is required at the time of scheduling. A confirmation will follow to confirm details of the tour and the remaining balance must be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled field. The field trip duration is approximately 1.5-2 hours the last Friday of every month with up to a capacity of 75 students max and are normally held anytime between 9-3 pm.  Homeschool and Afterschool program field trips are also available Mon-Friday after 3 pm, please inquire by email for preferred times. Reservations are required for all school groups.

We offer facility tours weekly to share our passion about Aquaponics, integrated farming, and sustainable and healthy living.  Tours last 1 hour. Please Schedule your tour today!

$15 Adults * $10 Seniors & Students * $5 Children (13 years and under)- with a minimum of $75  (whichever is greater). A maximum of $150 for 10 or more people (up to 20 max ). Follow us on Facebook for announcements about free public tours and upcoming events:

Private Tours  
If you would like one-on-one time and the ability to ask more specific questions then time allows during our group tours, consider scheduling a private visit.   Private tours are available as scheduling permits and cost $40 per person per hour.   To request a private tour with Dr Rachel Kulberg and to schedule a time please email us.

Schedule your field trip by contacting us below and we will send you our online Registration form or you can fill it out and send it to us by clicking here: